Launching Your Shop

  1. Go to
  2. Complete the Sign Up form  then click "Register"
  3. Click on Buyer tab and select  "Seller"
  4. Complete the Seller Approval Form then click "Save Changes"
  5. Once your seller account has been approved, click on Buyer tab and select  "Seller".

Opening Your Shop

  1. Once you are on your Seller Dashboard, click on "Create Shop
  2. General Tab: Fill in "General" fields then click "Save Changes". (Fields definition is listed below)
  • Identifier (Shop Name): This field requires the seller to input their Shop name.
  • Shop SEO Friendly URL: This field helps with editing the shop URL for SEO purposes.
  • Postal Code: This field requires the seller to input the postal code for the shop.
  • Phone:( NOT visible to shoppers) This field requires the seller to input the Phone number for the shop.
  • Country: Seller needs to select the country in which the shop is located.
  • State: Seller needs to select the state in which the shop is located.
  • Shop Display Status: Seller can turn OFF or ON the display status of the shop at the front end. This functionality should help the seller during initial shop set up or making bulk updates.
  • Free Shipping on: Seller can set the amount value of the cart for an order to be eligible for free shipping. Leaving this field blank or entering 0 will not entitle the buyer for any free shipping from this seller.
  • Order Return Period: The time limit (in terms of number of days) within which the buyers can place a return request once their order has been delivered to them at their destination address.
  • Order Cancellation Period: The time limit (in terms of number of days) with which buyers can place an order cancellation request after placing the orders. Sellers can also set a different return and cancellation age on an individual product when adding it into their shop through the ‘Add New Product’ button.

3.  Additional InformationTab: Fill in "Language data" fields then click "Save Changes". 

4. Return Address Tab: Fill in "Return Address" fields then click "Save Changes". 

5. Media Tab:  Upload logo &  top banner for the shop.
Note: Banner size should be 2000 x 500 pixels
Note: Logo size should 150 x 150 pixels

6. Collection Tab (Optional): Sellers can define a collection of products (learn more) that should be highlighted on the shop. Seller will need to link products to the collection via the link sub-tab. This collection will be displayed on the shop detail page under the collection name defined by the seller.

Your shop has been officially created and you are now ready to add products to your shop. Check out the article: How to add Products.

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