How do I add a product?

This guide will cover how to:

  • Add a Product to your Shop
  • Configure Shipping Information 
  • Add Product Photo
  • Add Inventory/Stock Level

  1. Go to your Seller Dashboard
  2. Click "Add New Product"
  3. Initial Setup Tab: Fill out the fields and click "Save and Next"
    Note: For "Tax Category" Select "Taxable" or "Non-Taxable".
    Note: For "Product Categories" field you will have to start typing the name of the category and options will begin to populate.
    Note: For "Production Type" field you will have to start typing the name of the production type and options will begin to populate. The production type available are: Handcrafted/Handmade, Customized by Seller, and Designed by Seller. 
  4. Attributes & Specifications Tab: Fill out the fields and click "save and next".
    Note: Model is not required.
    Note: Specifications are product attributes such as material, dimensions, color etc. A seller can add multiple product specifications for a product. For example - Specifications Label Text : Size | Specifications Value: 16 fl. oz
  5. Options and Tags Tab: Options are the product variants that are available in the system, for example color, size etc. Sellers will have to set up their Product Options first before adding it. Check out this video on Setting up Product Options.

    Products tags can be added to help with search results (tags should be limited to 10 and revenant to the product). Click "S ave and Next".
  6. Shipping Information Tab: The seller can indicate where products can be shipped to and the associated cost. Enter your desired shipping charges. Then select "Save and Next".
  7. Media Tab: Upload photos of your product then click "Finish".

Adding Inventory

In order for your product to be visible for purchase you will have to add inventory levels.

  1. Click the plus "+" symbol under the product you would like to add inventory.
  2. Fill out the "Inventory Setup" fields and click "save changes".
  3. Once successfully added, the product should appear under the "Shop Inventory" tab. 

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