Production Type

Product Type tells customers how your product was made. This provides transparency and makes it easier for a customer to determine the type of product they are looking for. 

Proodie allows sellers to list their Product Type under the following categories:

  • Handcrafted or Handmade
    • A product that is made mostly by hand by you or your small team. I.e. candles, jewelry, leather tooling, wood carving, cosmetic supplies, lip balm, skin care products
  • Customized
    • Products that are typically mass produced but you've up-cycled, embellished, or repurposed by hand. i.e. painting or drawing on picture frames, wine glasses, etc.
  • Designed 
    • Items that the seller has designed but required third-party intervention or machinery to be used to print, attach, etch, etc. i.e. apparel, mugs, greeting cards, books, etc.

Note: Examples provided are not limited to those items. Proodie understands that handcrafted, customized, and designed products can come in may different forms. 

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